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A Closer Look At Some Writing Styles

Hello again readers,

Today I wanted to talk a little more in depth about some hand positions while writing. I will try to explain why I use the style I use, which has really helped me to avoid smearing my writing, as well as going over the other styles that I think we are all bound to try at some point throughout our pen journeys. I think that the prospect of having to learn how to not smear the wet ink from fountain pens is a big reason why many lefties are afraid to even approach the hobby.

The first hand position I want to talk about is one that I think nearly everyone learns and uses when they are first learning how to write, and that is called side writing. This is when you simply have your hand just off to the side of where you are writing and just following the pen across the paper. This hand position is just fine for right handed people whose writing is chasing their hand, but for us lefties we have to do the opposite where our hand is chasing the pen across the paper. Even using writing instruments like graphite pencils or some gel pens will still lead to either smudged writing or just ink or graphite on our hands. Given the fact that it is such an easy style of writing for right handed people, most schools teach writing like this, so I believe that we have all used this style at some point in our learning to write. When using this style of writing, I would highly recommend using a finer nib and faster drying inks to help prevent some of the smearing that is bound to happen.

The next writing style I want to discuss is called under writing, and this is when you put your hand just a line or two below where you are writing which will prevent nearly all smearing of what you are writing. I have tried to use this style of writing a few times, but it feels unnatural for my hand to be in that position. I think that this is generally going to be the next step in a lefties journey with writing, but not one that everyone stays with for very long. I do think that this is probably going to be about the most fool-proof way to avoid smearing or smudging of your writing, even if I don’t use it myself.

The last writing style I wanted to cover in today’s post is called over writing, and this is when you place your hand a line or two above where you are currently writing. This allows you to have your hand running over what you have already written and is hopefully dry. There are still many ways for one to actually hold the pen in this style, up to extremes like writing directly towards yourself or directly away from yourself. I use this style myself, and really feel that it has helped me in my attempts to not smear my writings.

Since we are all so unique as individuals, I would be a fool to try and say that my writing style is the best for everyone. Honestly I think that each of these writing styles can shine under certain circumstances. I also believe that our writing style is never a fixed object, because we are always learning and changing as individuals, so of course our writing styles will change and evolve throughout our lives.

I do the vast majority of my writing not sitting at a table or desk, but instead just using my lap as the table. Sadly I have never found a table or desk that really fit into how I write. This could be part of why I find myself using the over writing method more than the others. Maybe I will find a desk that I like some day, and I will really be able to spend more time experimenting with the othe writing styles again.

I hope that this post has been a little informative for you. I am still working on my next post, so I won’t be able to give any hints here. I would love to learn what writing style you all use, so please feel free to share in the comments, or even just a topic that you would like for me to cover in the future. Until next time readers. Stay happy and healthy, and keep on learning!




5 responses to “A Closer Look At Some Writing Styles”

      • This is the one I use:

        There are different sizes, so you can hopefully find one that works for you. Not sure how helpful that will be for over-writing though. Guess it depends on your posture while couch sitting (I’m a total sloucher, so it works for typing on a laptop just fine)

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