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Hello All, My Name Is Shaggy and this is my journey into fountain pens

  • Another Pen Review

    Hello readers, Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the LAMY Safari. I bought this pen a little while ago as my first known name brand pen. I personally bought the special Mango edition of this pen along with the matching ink. With the many color choices for this pen, I was really debating…

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  • Why I Prefer Finer Nibs

    Hello again readers, Today I wanted to share with you all just why I prefer to write with either a fine or extra-fine nib. Most of my pens have been medium nibs or smaller, with my only real exception being my Conlkin Duraflex pen which has an Omniflex nib. In this post I hope to…

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  • A Closer Look At Some Writing Styles

    Hello again readers, Today I wanted to talk a little more in depth about some hand positions while writing. I will try to explain why I use the style I use, which has really helped me to avoid smearing my writing, as well as going over the other styles that I think we are all…

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